pacific northwest museum of motorcycling Museum of Motorcycling

Donations - Support

There are many ways you can help support the museum

Additional Cash Donation Through Paypal
Soon you’ll be able to gift additional money to the museum via PayPal

Corporate Matching Donation
Check with your employer to see if they would match your donation.

Corporate Giving
If you’re a business interested in making a donation to the Museum.

Donation of Time
If you have time and/or skills you’d like to donate to the museum.

Item Donation
Have you got a bike, a piece of Northwest motorcycling memorabilia or other items you’d like to donate to the museum?

Donation Of Space
The museum is always looking for space to display NW motorcycle history items of interest. If you have a public space available and would like an short term installation.

Please contact the president using the information on this page.